Cutter and Squidge, Soho

*Cutter and Squidge have now moved further down the street and their new address is 20 Brewer St, London W1F 0SJ. Revised 21.02.16

Cutter and Squidge
4 Brewer Street, W1F OFB

A trip to this quaint sugary haven was unplanned and discovered purely
upon an amble through Soho's streets one warm Monday evening with a friend. Their signature 'biskies' which are their sandwiched desserts made of biscuit, cookie or cake filled with light buttercream were flirting terribly with us from the front of the shop window and we couldn't help but stop to take a look.[below]

Cutter and Squidge don't use artificial flavourings, preservatives and try to replace the normal amount of butter and sugar by packing their biskies full of fruits, chocolate or other fun ingredients like marshmallows. 



The wonderful world of biskies. 

Cutter and Squidge also have a beautiful selection of Cakes on offer but my friend had her eye on those biskies that brought us into the shop in the first place... 

[Crystal looks happy doesn't she?] The atmosphere inside was really relaxed; we were greeted by a warm welcome by the two owners [Cutter and Squidge] who were happy to explain a bit about the goodies on offer to us. The genius behind these adorable biskies are two sisters who love their timeless baked classics but also enjoy experimenting with lots of different flavours. 

I had a cappuccino for £2.60 which was surprisingly one of the best I've had in a long time. Crystal and I shared the 'We Bake a Tart Well' biskie with almond, cherry and their handmade raspberry jam. The light buttercream was gorgeously soft, smooth and creamy sweet but wedged between two pieces of cake it was quite heavy and rich. 

Each signature biskie comes in at £2.95 each and a 20% VAT charge is added to the bill if you sit in to eat. To refresh the palate after these rich rulers of the cake kingdom, Cutter and Squidge have a selection of light, refreshing drinks to choose from such as the 'Refresh', the 'Revive' and the 'Replenish' drink that host an array of flavours from coconut water, elderflower, strawberry, lychee, passion fruit, lemon and green tea. 

The 'free-from' elements of this sweet and simple cafe provides a very positive feel to customers and celebrates the best of baking with a health-conscious mind-set. We had a lovely visit and this pop up shop is a perfect place to relax after a day at work before hopping on the tube home or for meeting up with a friend. The small size of the cafe means that it's not great for big groups but I feel that a solo visit or with a buddy is a great way to salute the brilliance of the biskie. 

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