Dinerama, Shoreditch

I used to live in Dalston, North East of London during my last year of Uni. Dalston was the next coolest area to live after Shoreditch became heavily gentrified. Round the back of the Holiday Inn, were these bright lights and crowds of people that grew later into the night. Yes, the FOMO always kicked on whilst I walked home to my grotty flat further down the road.

I'd heard of Street Feast on TimeOut and would then receive their newsletters with good news of more locations opening throughout the city. Shoreditch Dinerama was the one to visit out of them all - where all the cool cats hung out. I really wanted to go and I'd ask around but I don't think people understood what it was. I'm not sure people know what it is today, unless you've got high waist jeans, those John Lennon-style blackened out circle sunglasses and live in Clapham.

The entrance outdoor seating area of Dinerama, Shoreditch

BBQ Chicken Wings from Thunderbird at Giant Robot, Canary Wharf

There's four Street Food and Arena sites; Model Market, Hawker House, Dinerama and opened earlier this month in Canary Wharf, Giant Robot. Given the opportunity to visit, I ventured to two in one day; first Giant Robot and then to Dinerama in Shoreditch on a Friday Night.

Dinerama, Shoreditch

Ahi Tuna and Quinoa from Bob's Lobster, Giant Robot, Canary Wharf

Giant Robot, Canary Wharf

This place had a cool vibe and didn't reek of pretentiousness; just how I like it. I was a little underwhelmed through as there are only 4 food vendors currently. There's Yum Bun; delicious Taiwanese Steamed Buns like the saintly BAO, Little Jose, a tapas bar, Thunderbird Chicken with some sweet and sticky chicken wings and Bob's Lobster. We tried food from each vendor and all were pretty good. I'd recommend the Fish and Lime Steamed Buns from Yum Bun (below right) and the Chicken Wings from Thunderbird (below left)

Dinerama, Shoreditch

From the outside, it looks like a refurbished junkyard or carpark (which is likely is). It's £3 to enter after 7pm which is reasonable. The place has two levels intertwining with each room made up of different bars on the top level. Noise is animated, buzzy so not the place for dates, but definitely for getting happy with mates. Downstairs are up to 8 different food vendors with a range of great fresh food creations - crab meat chips, steamed buns, fresh pizza, mini doughnuts and ice cream. There's something for everyone. It might be tough to get a seat but people come and go so waiting time to sit down isn't long, especially if you're in a two. Dinerama is a great place for people visiting London, but if you're used to table service and like things low-key, the buzziness  and impromtu feeling of it like a pop-up may not be for you. A good shout after a couple of drinks with mates though or for a catch-up with friends in the botanical bar upstairs. Dinerama is open every Thursday to Saturday, 5pm till late.