Chicken Society, Finchley Central

Chicken restaurants seem to be hatching all over London. In 2016, we got our hands sticky at chicken shops such as Shoreditch's BIRD, Tramshed, Chick 'N' Sours in Dalston, Tramshed's feathery sister Chicken Shop, American Fried Chicken at Joe's Southern Table and Bar and nugget sized aficionado, The Pengest Munch became a youtube hit over critiquing the fried stuff. Not to mention the undying popularity of Nando's - which to me is like a cockroach that won't die no matter how many times you tell people you hate it. What I really hate is boring, plain chicken with meagre offerings of sides.

Finchley Central received its poultry punch in December with the launch of Chicken Society. I'd be lying through my chicken skin teeth in saying they're using a top secret recipe. But every restaurant has their hands on it. Some simply refuse to use it.

Simplicity; is sometimes all it takes.

And it even begins from the search getting there. Chicken Society is easy to locate from Finchley Central station and welcomes a clientele from all groups. Millennial clucks, baby clucks, corporate clucks and parent clucks all fill the interior swelling to the sound of jiving music. Deep red lighting, diner booths and an excellent use of space enables flexibility for bigger groups or more intimate eats in the second dining room past the open kitchen.

The menu offers two mains. Spit-roast Chicken and Duck. Birds from Yorkshire farms are marinated for 24 hours, basted in their own juices and spit roasted until gorgeous and delicious. 

The duck is not brined, shredded duck like aromatic duck, but a hefty leg (with the skin on of course) and is tender and flavoursome. The chicken, equally meaty, carries heat from its spicy coat like the Deep South's famous Hot Chicken and is also succulent. You can opt for healthier options to accompany such as the quinoa, pomegranate and chickpea salad. But what you really need here is the Mac 'N' Cheese and the Boneless Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Hot Korean Style BBQ Sauce, yoghurt dip and sesame. They also have a similar 'morsel' offering with Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce with blue cheese dip. Great sharers before your mains. 

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The cocktails are fruity, fresh and full of exquisite combinations. The Society Grog centres upon dark and gold rums and orange liqueur cut through the spiciness of the Hot Korean BBQ chicken morsels (pictured above) and make for a refreshing aperitif. The Bird Berry Smash with bourbon and raspberry liqueur, rose wine, apple and lemon juices and fresh raspberries is an equally excellent contender.


Always leave room for dessert here. And ask to pick the brownies yourself. They're baked in-house and you can choose from the original, the bounty and the fudge. I'm still having brownie nightmare sweats (should more likely call it withdrawal symptoms) from the Stracciatella ice cream (vanilla with chocolate flakes) and the chocolate fudge brownie. The Chicken Society were kind enough to leave me a few more extra bites on my departure and could top up my brownie habit the following day. I'll admit though, I've been struggling ever since. 

In short, Chicken Society serves delicious, comforting food in a laid back and fun setting. It's one for kids as well as dates and parties and prices are surpringly good.

Chicken Society 63 Regents Park Road, London, N3 1DH
Open Sun-Wed, noon-11pm; Thurs - Sat noon-12am. About £30 a head plus drinks and service.

Food 8/10
Atmosphere 7/10
Value for money 8/10

This was a promotional post for Chicken Society